No Greater Service

John DavisYoung Adult

Tomorrow we celebrate the life and legacy of Craig Chandler. He was the son of Takoma Park members Emmanuel and Beverly Chandler. He was a beloved husband and father, friend to many, a dedicated Baltimore City police officer, and a servant to the community. Although we mourn his passing with his family, friends, and fellow officers, we rejoice in knowing that God’s plan was greater. This year at Takoma Park our theme “iServe” has been teaching the importance of service in all areas: our families, our communities, our church, and our God.   Even if you never heard a single sermon this year about service there is no denying that Craig Chandler’s life serving as a Baltimore City Police Officer was one of selfless service. He willingly put his life at risk for the sake of others. It is these types of decisions where we can see how Christ’s willing choice to become sin for others, for us is made clear. As a church we must look at these examples and strive to live a life where we leave our own cares behind and look towards how we can humble ourselves to serve others. We may not be able to serve in the same way that Craig Chandler did, and we certainly cannot compare to the way Christ served, but we can serve in so many capacities if we only allow God the chance to use us. Whether it’s to comfort a grieving family member, friend, or colleague making sure that someone’s needs are met, or even a glancing smile, serving can be as natural as breathing. Therefore tomorrow should not just be a celebration of the short gift of life, but it must be a catalyst to move us to serve.

Please feel free to join with the countless number of family, friends, church family, police officers, and officials who will be celebrating Craig Chandler’s life. The viewing begins at 10 am with the funeral service starting at 12 pm.  Those unable to attend in person are encouraged to view the service streamed live by clicking the Watch Us Live link at the top of the page.

God Bless,
John Davis