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We are one of more than 90,000 congregations in the Seventh-day Adventist tradition around the globe! With 21+ million members we believe with our whole hearts that Jesus is coming back soon (Revelation 22:12)! Take some time to peruse our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can join this local body of believers!

We invite you to come worship with us every Saturday morning. Sabbath School begins at 10:00am and our Worship Service begins at 11:30am. Our church is located at 6951 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Parking at Takoma Park

Our church parking lot, situated at 6810 Eastern Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20012, is conveniently located behind our office building, which is directly across the street from the sanctuary. It can be easily recognized by the solar panels covering most of the lot.

While street parking is available around the sanctuary, it's important to note that it is limited and metered.


To become a member of a church is to formally commit oneself to an identifiable, local body of believers. Members join together to:

Receive instruction from God’s word
Serve and edify one another
Participation in the church ordinances
Proclaim the gospel to the world

Becoming a member here is easy. We ask you to do three things:

Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Be baptized by immersion (if not already)
Talk to the pastor about your desire to join. We’ll be happy to facilitate your journey with you.
3 ways to join
Baptism: Jesus Himself was baptized and taught us that baptism is a way in which we publicly profess that we have accepted him as Savior.
Transfer of Membership: If you are already a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, you can fill out an application for membership. Our clerk will mail your previous church a letter stating your desire to join our church and your membership will be transferred over to Takoma Park.
Statement of Faith: A person joining by this means would simply affirm that they are in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that they have been baptized by a church of like faith.

We're here

for you
If you have any questions or desire to meet with any one of our pastoral team or church leaders, contact Pastor Daniel Xisto, Pastor of Community and Church Operations, or call our church office at 202-829-4800.
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Pastor Daniel Xisto

How to get baptized at Takoma Park

Baptism symbolically represents the transformation that has taken place in our lives through our personal faith in Jesus. To get baptized, contact Pastor Daniel Xisto (or any one of our pastors) at daniel.xisto@thetpchurch.org, call our church office at 202- 829-4800 and we will guide you through the baptism process which typically begins with studies on the life and teachings of Jesus.

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Join us Saturday mornings at 11:30 am for inspiring music and a thought provoking message from God’s word by a member of our pastoral team.

Saturday Morning Small Group Studies – Join one of our virtual or in-person “Sabbath School” classes as we delve into relevant Bible topics, Books of the Bible, and spiritual growth topical areas. Classes are held in-person or virtually and begin at 10:00am.

Service Projects and Community Outreach – One of the most impactful ways to grow spiritually is through service. Each quarter our entire church “leaves the building” to make an impact in the community. We also have an ongoing partnership with the Adventist Community Services Center of Greater Washington (ACSCGW). For more information on all things community engagement, contact Pastor Daniel Xisto at Daniel.xisto@thetpchurch.org.

How To

Join a Ministry

At Takoma Park, we have a number of ministries mobilized to serve our members and the local community. Ministries range from Family Life (Men, Women, Children, Youth), Discipleship Ministries, Outreach Ministries, Music Ministry, in addition to the more traditional roles of male and female deacons, elders, and the like. To get involved, contact Pastor Daniel Xisto at daniel.xisto@thetpchurch.org, or contact our church office at 202-829-4800.
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Join a Ministry at Takoma Park SDA Shurch
Start a Ministry at Takoma Park SDA Shurch
How To

Start a Ministry

If you’d like to begin a new ministry contact Pastor Daniel Xisto at daniel.xisto@thetpchurch.org or contact our church office at 202-829-4800. We’re always open to new and creative opportunities to make a difference and an impact!
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