3 Reasons that made the Myrtle Beach Summer Trip EPIC this year!!!



From Wednesday, July 29th to Sunday, August 2nd, the Takoma Park Youth Department had one of the BEST SUMMER TRIPS EVER! We drove 8+ hours down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for 5 days with 21 teens and 7 adults.  Here are the reasons that truly made this Summer Trip EPIC!!!IMG_0936

FELLOWSHIP AND DEVOTIONAL TIME – Driving down the East Coast and all over South Carolina for over 1000 miles, we definitely got to know each other better! During our devotional times, I challenged the young people to claim God’s word for themselves personally, having them put each other’s names into 1 Corinthians 2:9, that no one has seen or even heard the AMAZING things God has in store of them in their lives right now and to make the best use of their talents and spiritual gifts while we wait for Jesus to return!


FUN – We had TONS of fun while down on the Boardwalk right off the Myrtle Beach, IMG_0961checking out the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, and having a BLAST checking out the Water Park, amongst other things!IMG_1249







OUTREACH – On Sabbath, we joined up with the Myrtle Beach SDA Church for a church service, enjoyed a FANTASTIC meal prepared for us and the rest of the church (When you’re Adventist, WHEREVER YOU GO, You find Family!!!)!  Cecil, our Youth Leader, gave the marching orders and we were OFF on our IMG_1243AMAZING RACE, tasked with completing various challenges in the community to share God’s love in practical and meaningful ways, such as cleaning up a local parking lot, returning shopping carts at a local grocery store,  and sharing bible magazines for children to enjoy

Special thanks to AARON, TARA, TIANA, TONY, ANTONE´ and CECIL for being SO willing to take time off from work to come and make this trip the success it was!

IMG_1091The Takoma Park Youth Department has MANY more events in store for this year, namely the POTOMAC CONFERENCE TEEN BIBLE RETREAT, November 13-15th!  This will be another AWESOME TRIP!  Details forthcoming!

Click below to see ALL the remaining pictures (still waiting on others to come in!) from our entire trip!

Myrtle Beach Summer Trip 2015 Photo Gallery

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The BEST is Yet to Come!

Ps. Osei