The Election Is Over

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Even though we know that “The Election Is Over,” we are still casting ballots and choosing between God and ourselves.

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  1. This sermon was a well needed sermon. Pastor Wright, so many people are discouraged about the election, this sermon put it in perspective. God bless

  2. Hello Pastor Wright. I’ve been listening to you for a while now, i live in the carribean in Antigua I am a seventh day adventist christian and so i hear good sermons all the time even from you, but i must say that is one of the most short and effective sermons I’ve ever heard and it has now given me reason to reexamination my life being reminded that the election is going on now. I love and appreciate your ministry. May God continue to bless you and use you to bless others.

    1. You most definitely can my friend! We can always seek and ask God for help in situations that seem too daunting for ourselves. It’s all a process, kinda of like when we all learned to walk. We did not conquer that task the first time around. It took some time to master that, and this is no different. I have the utmost faith that you can and will overcome.

    2. It is hard…if you try on your own but ANYTHING you feel you lack, ask Jesus for, even if it’s the desire to want to try. He will never refuse you. He has never refused me. It’s just that simple – just ask.

  3. Hi Pastor Henry Wright. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been blessed by your sermons from the book of Revelation this year. I was able to catch up on the rest of the sermons from the Revelation series a few weeks ago and I’ve learned so much. I praise the Lord for your ministry and may God continue to bless you.

  4. To God be the glory for the work you are doing Pastor Wright . I am a hairstylist and there is a great need for lifting people spirit up . Allot of people need God in their lives . I am truly blessed to listen to your sermons and bless others with the biblical truths . You are making it clear about God’ s love for the mankind .It brings me closer to God thru your sermons .God gave me a ministry .Hungry souls for God’s presents . I can see people’s spirit is lifted up and no longer feel depressed or having no hopes . People come in tears and leave with joy . This is what God is working thru your ministry .Thank you Pasto Wright!

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