The Cry Of The Widow’s Mite

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As we look to be one in faith, we must first hear “The Cry Of The Widow’s Mite.”

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  1. Hello pastors
    Pastor Henry Wright helped me a lot in my Christian walk.
    He said something in his sermon that I struggle with for a long time. This is my concern where in the bible can I read t hat Jesus answer our prayer three ways. Yes No and wait. I read my bible since I was 8 years old . I have never found where Jesus answer prayer and said wait.
    I have this problem in my church people always get mad at me when I tell then “Jesus answer yes or no”
    When He said no He gives you the strength to go through it.
    Can you tell me where in the bible I can find that text . Maybe I’m wrong

    1. Yes he is! Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Pastor Wright and his wife Carol would still visit us every few months or so.

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