Jesus Is Still Waiting

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Even though He has been knocking on your door and calling our name and making a spectacle of Himself, “Jesus Is Still Waiting” for you to answer.

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  1. Good day in The Lord! The message is on point I’ve been truly blessed thus far…this sermon, what I was able to view had allot of skips and missing information. Can you please review and if possible resubmit elder Wright’s sermon without the damaged sections….the devil is so busy, as you know I just want and all that can gleen while we can to be prepared and to share this good news. Please let elder Wright know that I have changed through the Word made flesh brought to me throughout the years of my tuning into his sermons. Thank you elder for being a willing vessel for The Lord.

    Annette Dickens

  2. I really enjoy the sermons but this sermon appears to be damaged or something. I could not hear what was being said because was all garbled and halting. Thank you for your effort. we know Satan is trying to stop the word of God so I appreciate what I could hear. God bless you all.

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