He Still Loves Me

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Even when we are deep in our mess and down in our troubles, we can say proudly that “He Still Loves Me.”

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  1. Quicksand was really convicting and good for me. Needed that nudge/poke/ jab, whatever.
    Thanks for letting God use you again, Pastor.
    Wavering with eating, food have become or has been a crutch in times of stress. When I ought to look to God, I’ve looked to food. Don’t want to compromise my eternal or earthly life for food.
    Please pray for me church family.

  2. Quick sand was a game changer… Led me to a decision…and now my heart is broken…but God is a Healer…and Id rather be correct I’m His eyes than anything else

  3. praising GOD for using you to speak his word Pastor! thankful for technology that although i cannot attend in person i can hear GODs good word online. God Bless you and your family pastor Wright and keep up GODS good work.

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