Easter, The Oldest Holiday

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As we reflect on the significance of this season, we will learn why Easter is really “The Oldest Holiday.”

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  1. Hello Pastor Wright,
    We as christians, particularly adventist christains use the terms “Easter” since the term easter has pagan roots. Yes the bible teaches the resurrection and yes it was an event, but it is more a teaching a doctrine. Why do we link pagan easter with the resurrection. The word easter should be drop from every religious usage, sentence, paragraph, story, scripture, etc but only to describe its true origin. “Pagan” . Why don’t we tell the real story of easter its origins. Including “Christmas”.
    thanks – enjoying the book of revelation series.
    God Bless

  2. Thanks for the message; however, isn’t Easter a Pagan made up Holiday? Although celebrating the resurrection of Jesus the Holiday’s significance derives from the God of fertility, “Ostara a Norse”? Just asking as some churches celebrate Easter meanwhile others totally disregard it as a pagan day.

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