“He Touched Me”

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Let us find out how in the Book of Revelation Christ reveals how “He Touched Me.”

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  1. Pastor Wright’s sermon on Sabbath, January 9, 2016, was absolutely thrilling. I am requesting that I be placed on the mailing list to receive the materials for the Book of Revelation Series. I am so grateful that the Lord chose to touch Henry Monroe Wright on that day in Mississippi so long ago. I am from Dayton, Ohio, and I still consider it a blessing to be a recipient of messages from this manservant of God.

  2. Amen!! Thanks for the handout… I received it. God bless you for the video!!! Truly inspiring and attention grabbing. It’s an awesome experience watching pastor deliver the message. I hope they’ll all be recorded in video; for I’ll be here all year by God’s grace.

  3. I am requesting the handouts for this Revelation study. I am looking forward to learning what God says about Himself in this book.

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