Focus 2020

Focus 2020 or, in our case, F.O.C.U.S 2020 is the theme that we have chosen as a guide for our vision as we begin a new decade at Takoma Park Church. The acronym reveals the 5 areas of focus for the year, here’s what it all means:


Family is the lifeblood of the church. Thus it is at the foundation of all that happens within the body. A healthy church is one that cares about and ministers to the family unit in all of its forms. We recently announced our new Children’s and Family Pastor, Pastor Griselda Jobe. We believe that her acquisition will help us to deliver a robust ministry to our most valued asset.


Outreach, to make it simple, is reaching outside of ourselves to connect with people who do not belong to us, for the sake of the gospel. We have several outreach events planned throughout 2020, and those events will encourage membership engagement in this area. We try to vary the outreach options to match with the various spiritual gifts and personality styles at Takoma Park. A church that performs deliberate outreach is one that believes in the gospel mission to the world.


Collaboration is an essential feature of a healthy church because no great thing can be accomplished in a vacuum or silos. For us to achieve our full potential, we must learn to work together in a concerted effort to finish the gospel. In 2020 we aim to improve our collaboration across all areas. We want to improve our overall process at Takoma Park in a way that increases engagement amongst our ministries, membership, visitors, and friends alike.


Unity throughout the body of Christ is of the utmost importance. It cannot be achieved without the spirit of God. Said another way, there is nothing more damaging to mission and ministry than division and rivalry between those who claim to serve Christ. We will encourage unity in 2020 through Biblical, Christ-centered preaching and by planning events that promote relationships across intergenerational, interracial, multicultural, and socioeconomic lines. These intentional interactions will allow us to continue to be a church that will feel like a warm and inviting family of faith.

Sanctuary Renovation

Our sanctuary is a place where we meet God and thus should represent His excellent nature. Our church is beautiful but has some very real functional issues that need to be addressed if we want to continue to do ministry in our community. Renovate means, “To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing or rebuilding).” In 2020 we plan to tackle many of the issues that we’ve found in and around our edifice. Including but not limited to, replacing and updating our electrical system, addressing HVAC issues, renewing stain glass windows, expanding the rostrum area, etc. All these things will be voted on at duly called business meetings along the way. So fret not, you too will be a significant part of this forthcoming “Extreme (or not so extreme) Makeover.”

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