Family Spotlight: Pancheta Wells & Family

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Pancheta Wells, daughter of Ivan and Gertrude Thompson hails from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. She gave birth to 12 children and delivered her last child before the midwife arrived. Pancheta, affectionately called Ms. P. raised all her children in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  In addition to being a housewife, she taught classes to help adults and young people learn to read and write and ensure that the young people went on to high school and beyond. After the death of her late husband, she migrated to the United States in 1988 to join her daughter, Naudrey and became a member of the Emanuel-Brinklow church. In 2014 she began attending Takoma Park with her daughter.


  1. Norton Cooper
  2. Neville Cooper deceased
  3. Jennifer Allen deceased
  4. Junior Allen
  5. Naudrey Allen -Parker Jenkins
  6. Rona Allen
  7. Sonia Brown
  8. Sandra Wells-Dockrey
  9. Laurine (Cutie) Wells
  10. Oswald Wells
  11. Maureen Wells
  12. Andrea Wells- Wright


All 12 children were born in Jamaica and 9 are currently residing in the USA. The surviving 10 children are members of the SDA church.

Naudrey has been a member of the Takoma Park church since 1998 and has served in various capacities including children’s ministry department as Children’s Church leader, Pathfinders, Youth Council, Health Ministry, Family Life Leader, Associate Deaconess, Sabbath school superintendent, Usher, and Wedding and Social Event Coordinator. Naudrey attended Oakwood University and Washington Adventist University where she completed a BS in Health Care Administration. She completed a  Master’s degree in business administration, from the University of Phoenix and is currently a doctoral candidate at Central Michigan University. Naudrey has served her church and community and has received several awards. She has received an award from Congressman Herb Bateman, an award from the Ambassador of the United Emirates (UAE). Because of her experience and expertise in health care, she has been chosen twice to go as a People to People Ambassador to Russia and China, from John Hopkins University to accompany a group of doctors and nurses.

She has been awarded two Honorary Doctoral degrees. She has one adult son Stanley, a graduate of Washington University an accountant with the Risk Management department of the General Conference. Stanley grew up at Takoma Park Church where he served on the youth council, with the AV team, played with the basketball team and was a deacon.

Naudrey’s desire is to continue to serve her church and community and to prepare to meet her soon coming King.