Family Spotlight: The Descorbeth Family

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Philip Descorbeth is a native of Brooklyn, New York. His family is from Haiti. His parents have lived in New York for over 40 years. Philip has been a member of Hebron SDA Church since birth. Philip was very active at Hebron. He served as the Assistant Youth Director for 2 years and Assistant Treasurer for several years. As an Assistant Youth Director, he assisted in the renovation plans for the Young Adults Church. He also served as a Young Adult mentor and constantly looked to inspire youth to want to be more involved in church and not just attend. Philip still provides some mentoring to Hebron’s Youth.

In 2012 Philip pursued a Master of Public Health degree from Long Island University where he met Shannon. They began dating in 2014 and were in a 2-year long distance relationship before he moved to Maryland in 2016. He accepted a job offer with the Federal Government as a Program Analyst for the Affordable Care Act Program (Obamacare). Philip enjoys watching sports, traveling, and helping people. He is currently a part of the Young Adult Ministry at Takoma Park. In the future, he plans to transfer his membership, get more involved at TPC and work with youth and mentorship program.

Shannon Bradley Givens was born in Clarksdale, MS to a loving church family. Her parents and family are from the South. She praises her parents and grandmother for introducing her to Christ, keeping her grounded and encouraging her to go to church. Though Shannon came from a small town, her parents let her explore the world at a very young age. At age 12, her parents supported her to go to Washington, DC where she learned there was more of the world to visit. Because Shannon was a Delta Scholar, an athlete (Cheerleader, Softball and Track) and served as President in most of the intellectual clubs in High School, Shannon was awarded a $200,000 scholarship to attend Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA where she studied Anthropology and Health Science. She believes God opened many doors of opportunities to study abroad, individual growth, establish long-term friendships, and later live and work in New York.

Shannon recently accepted a new role as NIH Clinical Trials Specialist where she oversees many Kidney, Urology and Hematology clinical research trials.

Shannon struggled finding a church home in New York and Maryland. When Philip learned this, he introduced her to Pastor Henry Wright. They watched a sermon on relationships where she would then learn about Takoma Park Church. Upon learning more about TPC, Shannon was attracted to TPC’s bible teachings, community programs, and music ministry. Through Prayer Meetings, Bible Study, Sabbath School and sermons at TPC, Shannon rededicated her life to Christ and was rebaptized at TPC by Ps Henry Wright on April 23, 2016. Since then, Shannon has served on the Young Adult Ministry committee as their Events Coordinator, attends many volunteer events such as singing to the elders at Maplewood Park Place, My Girlfriend House, Food& Friends, visiting homeless shelters, participating in annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Hosting TPC events, and others. Shannon enjoys bargain shopping, traveling and helping TPC in a variety of activities. In the future, Shannon is interested in proposing a small children bible study during the Sabbath sermon so that TPC kids can have a similar teaching of the sermon and assist with TPC Health Promotion activities.

Shannon and Philip faced many adversities on their path prior to meeting but have always depended on God to guide them through life. Philip and Shannon enjoy deeply learning about God, watching their favorite tv shows, exploring and learning new things, and traveling. Together, they have traveled to 12 countries. They aspire to have a family, travel with their children and spread God’s love and teachings. Their favorite bible chapter is 1 Corinthians 13 because they believe God’s love is the only way we can be an example of Christ to others.

On October 13, 2019, Ps. Derek Marley married Philip and Shannon in Cancun, Mexico where about 130 guests traveled and showed their support of their union. Shannon and Philip feel honored to be a part of the Takoma Park Church family and look forward to supporting TPC’s mission and spiritually growing.