Family Life Weekend: Sharing the Family and Community Journey By: Maya Suero

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Additional chairs had to be added as people continued to filter into the Keystone Room Friday evening. Members and visitors gathered to learn about our individual “W.O.R.T.H.” As Khadene Taffe and Minister of Music Anwar Ottley led out in a combined worship and presentation session, attendees found that real self-worth all comes back to God’s sacrifice of His only son for us. Khadene Taffe shared some of her personal story and prompted, “We must remember the moment we met Christ.” Family Life Weekend focused not only on that first introduction, but also on an ongoing relationship with God for all members of the earthly family.

The Takoma Park Church (TPC) congregation came together to sing, discuss, learn and worship together during Family Life Weekend, June 10 through 12. The seminars and workshops, like Friday night’s “W.O.R.T.H” meeting, provided multiple opportunities for the church family to celebrate all members of their own familial units. Those who attended also gained the chance to learn and share new methods for growing their relationships with God and with each other. Separate meetings were available throughout the weekend for young adults, men, women, singles and couples, and the sermon brought all these groups together for a topic that affects every family — marriage.

Pastor Claudio Consuegra described marriage as the best gift that you can give to your children. Consuegra is the Director of the Family Ministries Department for the Northern American Division and he spent his time with the congregation speaking about how marriage affects a family. As he spoke for Saturday’s second service, Consuegra shared the importance of nurturing a marital relationship with God’s help. He detailed many ways that husbands and wives can show their love for one another, but he continued to emphasize the key element for a healthy marriage. He said, “Make God the first person in your family.”

The weekend ushered in an array of presenters, each sharing how to make God the first person in your life, in your relationships, in your community or in your finances. Family Life Weekend provided a diverse set of opportunities for attendees to get involved in church events and to learn about the many active ministries at TPC. The meetings and presentations were successful with the work of multiple groups working together in harmony, and especially with the help of TPC’s Family Life Council.
Editor: Maya Paul, Communications Director