Worship Service

Pastor Reid will be our speaker on Sabbath with a sermon titled Good Ground. You can prepare for the message by reflecting on Mark 4:1-13.

Service begins at 11:30am and we invite you to join us in person. If you are unable to attend in person, you can still participate by joining us virtually at worship.thetpchurch.org

It can be challenging for young children to sit through an entire service, and there may be moments when they need to release their energy by getting up and moving around. This is perfectly normal and even encouraged, as we aim to foster positive associations with church for them. We want them to feel that it’s a place where they can have fun rather than being required to sit still without any enjoyment. To accommodate this, we have designated open spaces in our nursery and toddler rooms downstairs where they can move around freely, while you can still watch the service through live streaming on a large screen.

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