Watch With Me

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Join us in this communion service as we see why Christ asked us to “Watch With Me.”

Where They Are

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As we worship on this Service Sabbath, we must remember that we are called to reach God’s children “Where They Are.”

What Is Your Isaac?

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As we seek to draw closer to God, He asks us, “What Is Your Isaac?” that you are willing to sacrifice?

They Testify Of Me

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Let us learn just how Christ was the one that the prophets of old spoke of when “They Testify Of Me.”

Give Me Jesus

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When we think about how much we want for God to help us in our time of need, do we seek out a Barabbas, or do we say “Give Me Jesus”?

Godly Fools

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As we celebrate the achievements of our graduates on this Baccalaureate Sabbath, we must realize that true wisdom comes from being “Godly Fools.”

God Is Love

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As we continue to Connect with Christ’s Passion, let us welcome Pastor John Nixon as he shares with us “God Is Love.”