A New Normal

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As we dig deeper into the meaning of love, we’ll discover what is now “A New Normal.”

Marriage Has A Problem, Part 2

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Let us learn how sometimes the way we think and act are the reasons why “Marriage Has A Problem.” Image of the Brain https://thetpchurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/IMG_0237.jpg Blending of Temperments https://thetpchurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/IMG_0238.jpg Sermon Handout …

Marriage Has A Problem

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When we look at what kind of relationship we will need to have with God before we can have one with one another, we can see why our “Marriage Is …

Can God Trust YOUR Home?

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As we seek to build a family of believers, “Can God Trust YOUR Home” to be a place where others can feel His love?

One Blood

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No matter what walk of life we come from or what troubles we have, we all come together under “One Blood.”

Do You Belong?

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As we seek to grow as a church community and family, we have to ask ourselves, “Do You Belong?”

We Are One, Part 1

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As we start off the year growing in acquaintance with one another, remember that we grow together as a congregation because “We Are One.”