Family Spotlight: The Milambo Family

Chola and Cecilia Milambo got married in 2002 and are blessed with five wonderful children. Chola is a Zambian national who came to the USA in 2006 to pursue his doctorate studies in Economics at Howard University. His great-grandfather, Ruben Gonah, was among the early pioneers, led by William Harrison Anderson, who set up the first SDA Church in Zambia in the early 1900s. Chola currently works for the World Bank Group in Washington, DC.

Cecilia, also a Zambian national, was born into a Catholic family. In, 2007 she was baptized into the SDA family after attending Bible lessons with Pastor Marley. She currently works at the Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union in Washington, DC. She holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and intends to pursue her doctorate studies in business.

Their Children Kantu, Kamuzhu, Lweendo, Chuuzu and Gabriel range between the ages of 17 to 5, with a bonus son, their nephew Benjamin Muyinda. Kantu will be graduating this Spring. She is the current president of INCITO. She intends to study Biology as part of the pre-Med program.

Kamuzhu is currently a Sophomore. She is part of the Black Student Union (BSU) and track team. She is hoping to become a Lawyer in the future.

Lweendo is a 4th grader. He is practicing playing the Clarinet and loves to sing. He is very polite, he enjoys going to his Sabbath school class and traveling.

Chuuzu is a 2nd grader and the life of the party! He likes to draw (art) and solve mathematical problems, sometimes overstepping in his sibling’s homework.

Gabriel is in Pre-K with the sweetest disposition and dimples. He has level 1 Autism, causing a challenge in his verbal communication. However, that does not stop him from taking part in family activities.

Benjamin holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and he currently works in Washington, DC. He loves to sing and play the guitar and keyboard.

The Milambo Family enjoys traveling widely, cooking, and playing family games. They are humbled to be part of the Takoma Park SDA Church and enjoy your fellowship.