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If my heart could cry, it would be crying right now. I'm doing this anonymously, because I have a narcissistic father. I need all of the prayer that I can get.

Home life is extremely different from social life in my family, because of domestic abuse. Has anyone believed me or has ever tried believing me? No. I tried getting help church members and from my extended family, but no one took me seriously and reacted to me as if I've been going through "phases". Age discrimination has been part of my life. Any church that I visit ostracizes me.

It's because of my dad's mindset that one of my siblings was placed on meds during her adolescence when she didn't have to. She hasn't been the same since. If my dad kept his mouth shut, it would be different. Everyone thinks that how she is laid from genetics. I went through something similar with my emotions. HOWEVER, I never told anyone about it.

Honestly, I am furious at the church for not believing me. I've been through so much! I haven't cursed anyone out though from those who've told me something like, " ..That would never happen. He's such a sweet man."

The inferences from church people has to stop. No church members knows how it feels to ALWAYS be concerned about safety, because, again, no church member ( regardless of age) knows about MY HOME LIFE.

I don't care who hasn't grown up with a parent nor who has a healthy relationship with who, nor who has been adopted nor who has been in jail ....the list goes on. I only know about my home life since that's been consistent. So no one can tell me how my family is like nor can they tell me how I am like. Because I am a sensory person, I know when sensitive people approach me.

If I attend your church, I wouldn't know who to put down as an emergency contact.

Received: July 16, 2021

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