Bulletin Announcement Request

Bulletin Announcement Requests

Deadline: The deadline for submitting bulletin requests (inclusive of changes to running announcements) is 12 Noon on Tuesday of the week your announcement will run.

Inclusion: As all requests are reviewed before publication, we reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content if deemed necessary.

Please make sure that any ministry-sponsored events being publicized are booked on the church calendar BEFORE the bulletin request is submitted. If a ministry-sponsored event is not on the church calendar, the announcement WILL NOT run.

Target Audience: Announcements should be directed to the entire congregation or large subsets of the congregation, not small subdivisions. See examples below:

An announcement about an upcoming Church Picnic or Pathfinder Day would most likely get announced.

An announcement for the Church Picnic or Pathfinder Day “planning committee” meeting, to be held after church in the small conference room, would most likely NOT get announced.

Contact Info: Your announcement MUST include valid contact information for a designated contact person. Please do not instruct people to call the church office for more information about your event or announcement. Announcements not containing a valid contact person and contact information will not run.

Outside Events: We generally will not advertise events sponsored by outside organizations unless they have partnered with a ministry here at Takoma Park. Any announcements for outside events must be approved prior to inclusion in the bulletin.

We hope the above information has been helpful as you make preparations to publicize your announcement. If you have any further questions about these guidelines, please call the church office at (202) 829-4800.


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